Vocational astrologers often correlate professional aptitude with planetary combinations. Every strong planet in our chart supposedly strengthens a specific way of thinking. While we can not comprehensively match every contemporary career direction with a planetary combination in a single blog post, we can at least look at one popular expression of every planet.

For Sun, the king among planets, the key word in vocational astrology is Leadership. As expected, it influences us to take government or administrative jobs, become entrepreneurs, or join the show business. The Moon is about Care and develops our interest in nursing (hospitals) and nurturing, which may include cooking (chef) as well as agriculture. Mars, the most courageous planet, gives us Logic and the expertise to use technological tools. We tend to become engineers, surgeons, or join the armed forces. For Mercury, the key term is Communication. Writing, sales, and astrology are within its domain. It also rules over reasoning (analytical), accounts, and medicine as a career.

The guru of the gods, Jupiter, loves Learning. Teaching, spirituality, higher education, and justice (law) are its subjects. In contrast, Venus, the other guru among planets, is extremely artistic. It guides us towards music, poetry, media, and fashion design. Saturn can influence us to work with machines, metals (iron/ steel), or petroleum. Though Saturn is dreaded among humans, it also has a positive side: Because it has the biggest say in deciding our career, no matter how low we start in life, Saturn, through hard work and discipline, can take us to the top (CEO/ President). Finally, Rahu, the invisible planet, stands for Technology and guides us towards the latest (and lucrative) careers in life. Ketu is the planet of Research and wants us to reveal novel principles.

The job of an astrologer may become challenging when different planetary shades are needed to predict an interest in a specific profession. As an example, Computer Programming may need a connection between a strong Mercury (communication) and a strong Rahu (technology). If we seek to take guidance from astrology, we should remember that a one-to-one relationship between a planetary combination and a career never exists. (Mercury conjunct Rahu is not the only combination for programming.)

Last edited on March 28, 2019


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