Before you answer this question, let us look at a logically related but devotionally incorrect question: Why do Hindus worship Sri Rama and Sri Krishna? Try to select an answer from the following options:

  1. because they were extremely righteous in behavior
  2. because they protected their followers and the good people
  3. because they were flawless yogis
  4. because they were universal gurus
  5. for all these reasons
  6. for reasons not covered above

If you did not select Option 6 as your answer, please think again. Options 1-4 are not sufficient reasons for anyone’s being worshipped as Paramatma. While righteous individuals and our exceptional orators may be appreciated, they can not be considered Brahman, for only Brahman can be considered Brahman.

So why do Hindus worship Rama and Krishna? A correct answer would be, “Because Rama, who later appeared as Krishna, happens to be Purna Brahman.” And how do Hindus know this? The rishis and saints, through the power of their yoga, recognized the Divine’s incarnations and revealed his divine plays to fellow beings. While the rishis experienced Brahman ages ago, the bhakti saints saw him in very recent times. In other words, we do not worship Krishna because he established dharma on Earth; we worship him because he is the Supreme Soul, who established dharma on Earth.

Remember that the Absolute Truth does not change with time, and realizing him through his own guidance still remains the only focus of Hindu spirituality. So the next time someone on the street tells us that he is an incarnation of God (or Krishna), can we just believe him? Unfortunately, many of us do.

Last edited on March 28, 2019

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