Hinduism has a lot to say about workplace spirituality, especially when an entire section of the Bhagavad Gita, the yoga of karma, is focused upon it. However, to trigger karma yoga, we need a habit — a habit of remembering God, without which it can be difficult to renounce the outcome of our work (karma-phala).

In fact, workplace spirituality involves a delicate balance between greed and remembrance of God; the two cannot exist together in the same mind at the same moment. Once we recognize that God is omnipresent and always watches us from within our heart, we may become more vigilant in making ethical decisions and may develop the power to counter corporate greed and corruption, a monstrous form of greed. The more often we remember God, the better are our chances of triggering karma yoga involuntarily.

If you remember your favorite form of God while you work, even for a moment during your 8-10 hour shift, please feel free to share your views on this blog. When/how do you remember him (or her)?

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Arun Gowri · June 30, 2009 at 11:21 pm

I try to thank the Divine for every item I use in my daily life, followed by mentally dedicating the fruits of using the item, whether during work or otherwise. This includes even \”trivial\” objects like a paperclip or a pen. This process helps to keep the focus on God. I say \”try\” above, as I do forget from time to time.

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